Meet our team

Our committed Group management team is compiled of seasoned professionals with different nationalities and backgrounds. This team forms a group of reliable, courageous and competent people who are able to lead Interket towards our vision;

To be the customer value leader – of the label world

You will find a short introduction of our team right here. We are always open to challenge the given way and enjoy working together with our customers and partners.

We look forward hearing from you!


Anja Herzog
Anja HerzogManaging Director, Interket Germany
Anja knows how to keep our service level high and what is needed for each situation. With a dedication like no other she always finds the best solution – call her directly!
Stefan Gustafsson
Stefan Gustafsson Managing Director, Interket Sweden
Stefan has a long history in the label industry and knows more or less everything when it comes to labels. Call Stefan to find out if this is true – he speaks great Swedish too!
Tim Pattison
Tim PattisonManaging Director, Interket UK
Tim is a true label nerd and knows the label world in and out. Tim loves to talk about everything from adhesives and silicone to complex security concepts. Give him a ring!
Anja Herzog
Anja HerzogManaging Director, Interket The Netherlands
Anja has an extensive international background, this makes her perfect in co-ordinating the leadership for our sites in The Netherlands and Germany. Call her and challenge her skills in different languages!
Carl E Parkander
Carl E ParkanderGroup CEO
Carl has a long experience within the label business and has the greatest dedicaton for all of our stakeholders. Contact Carl, he´s actually really nice!
Ursula Ståhl
Ursula StåhlStrategy Development
Ursula has a passion for change and development of businesses. Contact Ursula if you have a new challenge for us!
Craig Appleby
Craig ApplebyGroup Procurement
Craig is into materials, inks, freights and likes when our suppliers get in touch!
Jason Wharmby
Jason WharmbyGroup Controller
Jason makes everything crystal clear with numbers. If you need any clarification on that note, you should never hesitate to call Jason!