We don´t know if you are disappointed or releaved that the bottle contained water and not vodka. But we do know that without the proper product and brand protection you will never know if it´s a safe or fake product. Until it´s too late.
The i-printed concept by Interket gives you advanced brand protection, product control and communication flexibility.

On this page you find a short introduction to our i-printed solution and in the exhibition area of todays PackagingWorX you find Mr Tim Pattison and Mr Silvester Uneputty. They look forward meeting you and to hear more of your thoughts and questions!

  • Finally the concept is integrated with relevant systems and processes in order to leverage the intelligence in the label and transform it into customer and business value. Additionally, an in person validation function at Interket is available.

  • These labels also come with the added possibility of multiple counterfeiting features. Next a layer of smart data in the form of variable coding is added to generate unique, non replicable identification to each label, and thus to each particular product or part labelled.

  • The base for the concept is high end security labels, with tailored physical properties.

Each customer is uniqe, so is i-printed. Our i-printed team look forward finding the best solution to your needs. Let´s meet!

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